UPVC - Submersile Pipe


These pipes have are manufactured use very high quality material and state of the art machines. They are tested to withstand system load comprising of pump, water and pipe weight with adequate factor of safety. Due to unique design of square threads, they can withstand considerable shock and jerk load during operation.
These pipes are provided with square threads with male threads on one end and female threaded socket on another end up to 1½” size and with separate integral female threaded coupler for 2” and above sizes. These pipes are available in 1" to 4" in various classes for varying needs based on installation depths 100 to 350 metres. Zenith submersible column pipes offer many advantages like-light weight, high tensile load, leak proof joints and long life with economy and hence emerge as the best option for conventional metal pipes.


• Light in weight, easy to handle and transport.
• Fast and easy to assemble and disassemble.
• Fast lowering and pulling of pumps, no wait for any joint setting time.
• No effect on installation or disassembly due to extreme weather conditions.
• Immediate pump testing.
• Long life as PVC is totally chemical and corrosion resistant.
• Low installation costs, no wrenches or threading tools required.
• Efficient pumping due to low friction loss resulting in energy saving.
• Smooth inner walls, no scale build up.
• Most suitable for use as submersible column pipe.
• Suitable for use as pumping mains.
• Suitable for use as shiftable pumping system.