UPVC - Rainwater Harvesting System


ZENITH RAIN WATER HARVESTING SYSTEM country's first customized range of pipes and leak proof fittings designed to collect and direct the flow of rainwater to desired storage destinations like pits, trenches, bore well, shafts and wells or to augment the water level by ensuring infiltration of rain water in the soil. Steel, cast Iron or cement pipes are been overlooked because the long lasting PVC pipes apart from being cheaper and maintenance free have distinct advantages, as they are corrosion free and less prone to breakage. The material used in the making of PVC pipes being inert does not support bacterial and fungal growth. Usage of water is omnipresent at homes, in factories, at offices, in farms, in recreation and any place you name but still as the famous saying goes ┬┤water water everywhere but not a single drop to drink'. The ZENITH rain water system has been launched keeping this in mind and will prove to be a boon for all of us to contribute in enhancing the availability in enhancing the availability of water for self-use.


  • Water Connection for buildings
  • Water distribution systems for bathrooms, kitchens, Industrial & commercial complexes etc