UPVC - SWR Pipes and Fittings


Zenith UPVC SWR drainage system is an easy & economical product for drainage of soil, waste and rain water application in residential, commercial & industrial buildings.

It has many advantages over the conventional piping system. It offers a maintenance free solution for a longer & non rusting and corrosion service life.


Lightweight Convenient and cost effective as transportation & handling is easy.
Flexibility in usage Possible due to option of joining either by rubber ring or with solvent cement.
High Flow Rate Excellent flow properties that remains constant throughout its life, possible due to the internal smooth surface.
Weather Resistant Excellent outdoor weathering performance due to specially blended UV estabilised compound.
Aesthetic Superiority Far superior when compared to conventional CI and AC systems.
Performance Trouble-free functioning saves on inspection & maintenance costs. A combination of lightness, flexibility & use of pre-fabrication results in substantial savings in time and money.
High Impact Strength Not prone to mechanical damages due to handling and transportation.
Chemical Resistance Unaffected by a wide range of chemicals & safe from attacks by galvanic or electrolytic action.
Non-Flammable Self-extinguishing as it does not support combustion.
Corrosion Resistant Constant contact with water does not deteriorate the material.
Rodent Repellent Special treatment at compounding stage ensures that the product is immuned to rodent attacks.