PVC as per Australian/NZ Standards - Storm Water Pipe


Zenith offers a complete range of STORMWATER pipes that comply with AS/NZS1254. STORMWATER pipe systems offer major advantages over traditional piping systems which causes corrosion, installation economics, operating inefficiencies, and significant maintenance costs.

UPVC is the predominant material used in STORMWATER pipes. The economic advantages are well accepted, they are lightweight, resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, do not support combustion, they are impervious to bacterial and fungal attack and are not subject to electrolytic corrosion. The Pipes are designed with a high impact strength, which helps prevent damage during handling and installation. All parts assemble easily using either solvent cement or rubber seal rings to accommodate thermal or ground movement.


The properties listed in the following table are typical characteristics of PVC-U. The mechanical properties are for PVC-U at 20°C.

Density (Solid wall) 1530 kg/m3
Minimum ultimate tensile strength 52 MPa
Compressive strength 66 MPa
Shear strength 39 MPa
Tensile (Youngs) modulus 2750 MPa
Hardness (Shore D) 85 ASTM D2240
Hardness (Brinell) at 23degC 12 - 15
(Ductility) minimum elongation at Yield 5.5%
Poissons ratio 0.35 - 0.38
Flexural strength 69 - 110 MPa
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion 7 x 10-5 / °C